Our Trainings are unique in content and depth as our experienced trainers within the lecture time impact students and within a term, such students become excellent. Lectures are available for individuals and groups in three ways:

  • Classroom
  • Home Lessons
  • Online Coaching

Courses available for individuals are;

  1. Sight Reading
  2. Theory of Music (Grades 1 to 8)
  3. Practical Classes on all Musical Instruments
  4. Voice Coaching for Singers and Recording Artistes
  5. Techniques for overcoming various music challenges such as stage fright, microphone phobia etc.
  6. Drama and Dance Trainings (All types)

Trainings are available for groups such as:

  1. Schools
  2. Churches
  3. Osam Children Club
  4. Music Instructor's Forum
  5. Camps & Holiday Programs