The Performers

We have five performing teams:

  • The Children Orchestra
  • The Marching Band
  • The Classical Orchestra
  • The Jazz Orchestra
  • The Brass Band

The Children Orchestra

This is a platform for grooming young and talented musicians in performance and in appreciation of all forms of musical style. Members of this group are children within the age range of 4-18yrs. The Children Orchestra is open to perform in all types of events.

The Marching Band

Our marching band are open to school matriculation, convocation and inter-house sport, road shows, jingles, advert/awareness walk, parade and other forms of martial related functions

The Classical Orchestra

This group performs diverse collection of Classical music ranging from Bach, Beethoven, Handlel Purcell, to 21st century arrangements. We are open to all types of events.

The Jazz Orchestra

This group specializes in performing and adapting classical pieces contemporary pieces, Jazz standards and ever green tunes with a touch and feel of a big band or a jazz combo.

The Brass Band

A Brass Band is a musical ensemble generally consisting entirely of brass instrument, Ensembles that include brass and woodwind instruments. Osam brass band is one of the best in Nigeria, we always have brass bi-annual concert, which has been held successful in the past.

We perform at functions like;

  • General Corporate Events
  • Convocations And Matriculations
  • Weddings and Other Social Events
  • Inter House Sport

Our Shop

We deal with the sales of:

  • Books, CDS and DVDS (list of Books, CDS and DVDS under construction)
  • Musical Instruments
  • Music Accessories and Consumables
  • Indigenous Resource Materials

Repair And Maintenance

We repair all musical instruments:

  • Polishing
  • Breezing
  • Soldering
  • General Servicing of all musical instruments

Value Added Services

  • DJ Services
  • Recording and Rehearsing Studio
  • Rental of Video and Sound Equipment
  • Music Laboratory Setup
  • Music Studio Setup