About Us

OSAM MUSIC is a music and dance Training and Performance Company established to improve the teaching, learning, performance and appreciation of music in general.

Osam performs diverse kinds of music (including Classical, Jazz, African, Latin and Contemporary arrangements) at various functions and events such as Annual General Meetings, General Corporate Events, Training and Seminars, Religious and Social Gatherings.

With high-level professionalism and undeniable pedigree, our company has been effectively promoting the growth of JAZZ, CLASSICAL, CONTEMPORARY and AFRICAN MUSIC, including DANCE of all types, GENERAL MUSICIANSHIP, SOUND ENGINEERING AND STUDIO-PRODUCTION.


Our Mission

The mission of Osam Music is to "enhance lives through music".

Our Value Statement

Speak the Global language, express yourself through MUSIC. We speak the global language by speaking music yet we have learnt to use Music to promote our uniqueness.

Our Corporate Philosophy

Your One-Stop Platform for Musical Solutions That Spices Up Worship, Entertainment, and Life.

Our Slogan Which Keeps Us Motivated

Let everything that has breath praise the LORD.

Our Philosophy of Knowledge

Music is Life because it adds spice to life. It is therefore a tool which everyone who has breathe must learn to use effectively.

The Goals and Objectives of the Organization

  • To build Music laboratories for Schools, Churches and Media Houses.

  • To help lay proper foundation for up and coming musicians in order to avoid ‘musicians overuse syndrome’ which is a  musical disability caused by overwork.(severely disabling pain and loss of agility experienced by a musician and caused by overwork, usually when practicing, and especially when the playing technique is faulty).

  • To lead the biggest orchestra/band in Africa.

  • To promote the cultural values of African music thereby putting it on the International music scene.

  • To improve the musicality of the average black man

  • To promote African Art in the International market.

  • To help sustain the interest of children through formation and proper monitoring of children orchestra club.